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‘Soviet Style’ Acquisition Of Canberra Hospital A Dangerous Precedent

The ACT Government has announced plans to mandatorily acquire Canberra’s Calvary Hospital. So unprecedented is the move, that the Labor-Greens ACT Government will introduce new legislation to execute its decision.  The Catholic owned hospital has been a strong advocate for the sanctity of human life by conscientiously objecting to the provision of elective abortions and opposing the introduction of assisted suicide in the ACT.

The Archbishop of Canberra-Goulburn, Christopher Prowse, said he was “totally stunned and shocked” by the decision, “which came without warning or discussion.”, according to the Catholic Weekly.

Rob Norman, Australian Christian Lobby’s ACT Director said, “This authoritarian decision is reminiscent of a ‘Soviet style’ takeover of non-Government assets. Clearly, the ACT Government has no tolerance for religious convictions that oppose the will of the State.”

Mr. Norman said, “The real problem here is the draconian laws that force medical providers and hospitals to facilitate the intentional taking of human life against their Biblically held values.”

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the ACT Government to urgently introduce real and comprehensive ‘conscientious objection’ provisions into abortion legislation and abandon its plans to forcibly acquire Calvary Hospital.


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