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First Vic euthanasia death a sad day for all Victorians says the ACL

The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed sadness with news that the first Victorian person has been killed through physician assisted suicide. 

It comes after the Victorian Parliament passed euthanasia laws last year which came into force on 19 June.

ACL spokesperson, Dan Flynn, said many Victorians would be deeply concerned with the trend to undermine the sanctity of life. 

“It is concerning that the euthanasia laws do nothing to screen for elder abuse, coercion or depression,” Mr Flynn said. 

“The safeguards are a mirage, with the appearance of safety, to appease a wary public, but will provide little comfort to the vulnerable who are only made more vulnerable since the passage of this euthanasia bill.

“The death of Kerry is also sad because we know that this law will not be the end for euthanasia activists. Once you remove the principle that life is sacred, it will only be a matter of time before the law is extended beyond those who are considered terminally-ill and extended to those who are mentally ill, suffer from depression or are children who are not coping with life.”

The Australian Christian Lobby urges the Andrews government to fund and provide first class palliative care across Victoria so that no one else needs to commit suicide to end their pain and suffering.



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