Media Release

What does true progress look like in relation to abortion legislation?

Abortion is high on the list for discussion when Australia’s Federal and State Women’s Ministers meet this week in Adelaide.

On the back of the US returning abortion rights to democratically elected members, Australia’s federal Minister for Women, Katy Gallagher, intends to canvass a national approach to abortion laws with her stated focus being on introducing policies that promote gender equality.

Under consideration will be federal changes to Medicare to enshrine abortion accessibility at low or no cost. Through Medicare, every tax-paying Australian contributes financially to provide approximately 90,000 abortions annually. An increasing number of these abortions are suspected to be sex-selective.

National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, noted,

“In addressing gender equality issues surrounding abortion, it is hoped that our nation’s Women’s Minister will take into account the gender bias occurring through the practice of sex-selection abortions, resulting in ‘missing girls’. An SBS report on this issue outlined concerns that women in some Australian communities may be facing pressure to have sons. Medicare funding should not be available for this very concerning trend.”

The ACL urges our nation’s Women’s Ministers to carefully consider where true progress lies when discussing the sensitive issue of abortion and what changes should be made federally.


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