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Alarming neglect of respect and safety in abortion frenzy

Reports that the Albanese government will back moves to hand responsibility to midwives to distribute abortion drugs have been relished by Greens senator, Larissa Waters. She has called for Australian safety standards on the restrictions regarding the use of RU486 to be lifted from 9 weeks to 12 weeks against medical best practice advice.

National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “RU486 is a dangerous drug intended to kill babies in the womb. The Labor and Greens announcements calling for midwives to facilitate the death of babies in the womb is a gross insult to the high calling of their profession which is to provide expert health care for women during pregnancy, labour, birth and after the birth. There’s nothing progressive about midwives distributing abortion pills.

“For the Greens party to also call for gestational limits to be raised to 12 weeks is to ignore the well-documented serious side-effects for approximately eight percent of young women who take it. Women in rural and remote areas are particularly placed at risk without adequate levels of medical supervision and back-up care and these risks increase the later in pregnancy RU486 is used.”

ACL calls on the Government to publicly denounce these knee-jerk reactions to the Roe v Wade repeal that will only lead to dangerous and unethical practices.


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