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Liberals Can’t Win on the Left

The success of campaigns by the teal independents and the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) show that the Liberals cannot win on the left, ACL has said following tonight’s election results.

Three of the four Liberal MPs whose opposition to faith-based schools and religious freedom was extensively advertised by the ACL have likely lost their seats tonight.

The result confirms similar concerns that emerged from the recent South Australian election loss by a Liberal government widely criticised for pursuing socially progressive policies.

“The ‘broad church’ Liberal Party cannot survive long-term because it cannot be all things to all people. It cannot appeal to left and right at the same time,” said Wendy Francis, ACL’s National Director of Politics.

“The competition on the left will always be more convincing and more attractive to left and centre-left voters in city electorates, and tonight’s wins by the teals, despite the Liberals being more socially progressive than ever, prove that. 

“Meanwhile, by virtue signalling to these increasingly unwinnable constituencies, the Liberals turn off social conservatives in Western Sydney seats (like Reid) and other outer suburban areas which should increasingly be Liberal heartland.”

“The Victorian Liberal Party should take note, as they openly talk about expelling a sitting MP for his pro-life views. Conservative parties without conservative records lose. 

“As the federal Liberal Party assesses the way forward from tonight’s result, the Liberals need to pick their lane and reboot their natural base, which is socially conservative.”


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