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Manly Sea Eagles are a diverse team – let’s keep it that way

The Australian Christian Lobby has today endorsed Prime Minster Anthony Albanese’s comments amidst the Manly Sea Eagles’ pride jersey saga, when he said, “It’s important in Australian society that we respect everyone for who they are”.

ACL managing director, Martyn Iles, said, “The inclusive society is one that respects people’s conscience and convictions.

“It is not inclusive to force someone to wear a political symbol. In fact, it’s totally exclusive.

“We would respect people’s conscience if it were a cross, a star of David, a black fist, a feminist icon, or a political party logo.

“In fact, Haneen Zreika declined to wear a pride jersey last January due to her Muslim convictions, and that was accommodated, as it should have been.

“‘Live and let live’ is the secret to harmonious inclusion. The Manly Sea Eagles are a diverse team, and they enjoyed that ethic until political symbolism muddied the waters. The solution now is to respect everyone’s convictions and move forward.”


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