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Folau Fundraiser No Breach of ACLs Charitable Status.

The ACL today confirmed that there is no breach of its charitable purposes in raising money for Israel Folau.

Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby Martyn Iles said; “The ACL’s charitable purposes include the advancement of the Christian religion and advocating for changes in law and public policy. It’s clear that Izzy’s case is a matter of both religious freedom and legal advocacy.” 

“This latest attack confirms the concerns of quiet Australians who have watched as Israel was sacked, lied about, had his church smeared, his Go Fund Me page removed, and most recently his wife targeted. It’s no surprise the ACL is now being attacked. Many have felt the steady erosion of freedoms for some time.” 

“These are the same quiet Australians who spoke up for religious freedom through their vote at the federal election, and now they are speaking again with their wallets in a way that cannot be ignored.” 

“The absence of political leadership on religious freedom cannot continue and it now falls to the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to clearly explain how they will enshrine these freedoms in law.” 

“They cannot wash their hands of the issue like Pontius Pilate and fulfil their duty to the Australian electorate.” 


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