Media Release

Palliative Care Week reminds us that every moment counts

Palliative care acknowledges the dignity and value of every life, no matter the circumstances. National Palliative Care Week began on Sunday 24 May, giving an opportunity to reflect on this important principle and honour our dedicated palliative care health workers.

“A society that says life is sacred will commit itself to the care and preservation of all people in all circumstances. From a newborn’s cry to final breath, in sickness and health, through thick and thin, lives matter,” said ACL Managing Director, Martyn Iles.

“It is a great tragedy that this self-evident truth is being slowly chipped away at through advocacy for new laws that would permit doctors to kill rather than preserve life.”

“By caring for and preserving life, palliative care workers are involved in a noble cause, and governments must ensure services are improved in those rural, remote, and outer suburban areas which still fall through the cracks.”

“The ACL expresses its sincere gratitude for the sacrificial and difficult work that our palliative care doctors, nurses and support staff do,” Mr Iles concluded, “This year we should celebrate our health care heroes who give us the best quality of life possible.”


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