Media Release

Religious Freedom More Important Than Ever

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes the recent announcement that the federal election will be held on 18 May.

Martyn Iles, managing director of the ACL, said that this would be a time for Australians to have their say and raise their voice for truth.  

“Particularly in light of Israel Folau, and the High Court’s ruling against Kathy Clubb and Graham Preston, religious freedom remains a critical issue for millions of Australians, though it has been sidelined from the election campaign.” 

“People of faith have been looking to the government to provide leadership on religious freedom since the Ruddock Review. A concern that is only amplified in light of recent events.” 

“It will fall to the next government to resolve the religious freedom question,” said Mr Iles. 

“Our human rights legal clinic has been involved in dozens of cases brought against schools and other religious institutions all proving there is a real need for proper religious freedom protections in Australia.” 

The ACL will be launching a campaign ahead of the election focusing on five main pillars of democratic freedom including; freedom of speech, association, conscience, freedom from discrimination and freedom for parental choice. 

“None of the major parties have yet been clear regarding their plans to resolve the emerging issues with democratic freedom in Australia, but the next government will be responsible for crucial policy decisions in this regard. This is the election issue that must not be forgotten,” said Mr Iles. 

The Australian Christian Lobby will campaign to ensure that the rights of millions of Australians for whom religious conviction is fundamental to their identity are protected.  

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