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Thorburn ‘booted’ for his Christian beliefs

The booting of Essendon Football Club’s newly appointed CEO, Andrew Thorburn, over his Christian beliefs and church involvement is concerning fair-minded Australians who continue to express their anger through social media with comments such as, “Seems we have lost free speech and freedom to be ourselves in this country now!!!!” “Diversity is the in thing, unless it’s something diverse from the woke narrative.”

National Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Wendy Francis, agrees, stating, “This is the latest example of an increasingly toxic football culture.

“The Essendon Football Club promotes themselves as safe, inclusive, tolerant, diverse and welcoming, but their hypocrisy has been starkly exposed. Their so-called tolerance and diversity, however, is only extended to those who know better than to question the latest woke manifesto regarding sexuality, gender identity, and even abortion. Too bad if you adhere to a biblical concept of sexual behaviour, which, by the way, was a commonly held belief until a minute ago in history and continues to be the belief of millions of Australians.  

“All Abrahamic religions believe that every life is precious and worth saving, and that our sexuality is to be expressed through marriage between a man and woman, committed to each other for life.

“Christians and all Australians of faith will be watching the Labor government carefully to see how they fulfill their promise to introduce legislation outlawing religious discrimination in this term of government. It couldn’t come soon enough.”


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