Media Release

NSW assisted suicide bid must fail

The Australian Christian Lobby will oppose the latest attempt to legalise assisted suicide in New South Wales, this time by independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich.

“Mr Greenwich says he will copy the Western Australian model. This is very concerning given that the WA laws, which become effective in mid-2021, have fewer safeguards than a Victorian regime that resulted in 124 deaths in its first year,” ACL spokesperson Nikki Aben said.

“Victoria’s 124 deaths were ten times more than the Andrews government predicted when they promoted their laws in parliament.

“The experience from overseas of the risk for elder abuse and malpractice should be cause for caution on assisted suicide, not a rush to follow other jurisdictions.

“Mr Greenwich should move for a comprehensive inquiry into end of life matters, including the adequacy of palliative care funding and services across New South Wales.

Meanwhile, ACL calls on the Berejiklian government to hold to its statements in August 2019 that:

‘the upper house dealt with assisted dying in 2017 and it didn’t get up… we have had the debate.’

ACL encourages the NSW Liberal government not to support Mr Greenwich’s bill. Instead, the government should increase palliative care funding and research to ease suffering in the final stages of life.


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