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NT: Gender Equality Plan fails to provide equal playing field for all Territorians

The Northern Territory Government’s Gender Equality Plan 2022-2025 supports radical gender ideology and falls seriously short of protecting women and girls from discrimination.  

Speaking to the plan last week, with children in the gallery as young as 8 from Moil Primary School, Kate Worden MP, Minister for Families and Sport, spoke of there being “many genders” and that some people are “born in the wrong body.” 

Claims such as these about gender identity have become the subject of strong criticism from a growing number of scientists, philosophers and health workers. This ideology, promoting a notion that children can be “born in the wrong body” is very recent and is devoid of any scientific basis.

The Australian Christian Lobby also notes a glaring omission in the Plan regarding protecting women and girls from the intrusion of biological men into women’s sport. This is also currently an area of concern in Australia and globally.

Christopher Brohier, the ACL NT Political Director said, “The issue of biological males in women’s sport is a threat to the opportunity for women to achieve success in sport. In contact sports, it also presents an actual danger to the health and safety of girls and women.” 

Commenting on the NT Equality Plan which acknowledged that the Northern Territory has the highest rates of violence against women in Australia with a disproportionate impact on Aboriginal women and girls, Mr Brohier said, “This shocking record must not be added to by enforcing sporting competition rules that would result in girls and women competing in contact sports with biological males.”

If they are serious about gender equality, the NT Parliament should reject contested gender ideology and enact a bill to protect women and girls in sport.  ACL calls on the NT government to participate in an inquiry which would examine the scientific analysis of gender theory from experts in the field.


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