Media Release

Committee backs helping parents protect their children online

The innocence of children is precious and sacred, something that good government should preserve. Parental responsibility remains the most important authority in a child’s life. The Australian Christian Lobby holds that governments should help – not hinder – that parental authority by protecting children.

“We welcome the recommendation of Federal Parliament’s Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs that age verification should be mandatory to access online pornography and some online gaming,” ACL spokesperson Wendy Francis said today. “We wouldn’t let children watch pornography or gamble, so it is right that governments step up to block its pernicious influence on children online.”

“As the Committee said, there is no silver bullet,” Mrs Francis added. “However, parents will be greatly assisted by the government mandating roadblocks in the way of base profiteers who exploit childlike simplicity or peddle filth.”

“The ACL is also very pleased that the committee acknowledged that online pornography has inherent risks and harms,” Mrs Francis concluded. “We call on the Federal Government to accept and implement the committee’s recommendations, and to acknowledge and reduce the harms of pornography on the general population.”


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