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Children need urgent protection online as quarantine spikes screen time

After leading the break-up of a global online child sex ring, Australian Federal Police have this week echoed the Australian Christian Lobby’s warnings to protect children online.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton added this week “We have had increasing reports of people seeking to exploit the increased amount of screen time children will be spending online during the current climate to gain access to and abuse children.”

The ACL has long warned of the dangers of pornography, particularly on children’s innocence and protection from online exploitation. Children at home from school and parents occupied working from home sees children at grave risk.

“Age verification laws must be implemented urgently to protect children,” ACL spokesperson for children Wendy Francis said, “A government-majority committee recommended mandatory age verification for pornography sites in February. The government knows the harm pornography poses to young people, so with that knowledge comes a responsibility to protect them. Australia urgently needs pornography age-verification laws based on existing laws for online wagering.”


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