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30,000 Queensland Christians refute claims about their beliefs on assisted suicide

Over 30,000 Queensland supporters of the Australian Christian Lobby hold the Christian belief that human life is sacred, to be respected and protected. This contradicts a poll commissioned by the Clem Jones Trust, set up to rush in assisted suicide. The Trust would have Queenslanders believe that the majority of churchgoers support assisted suicide.

David Muir, chair of the Clem Jones Trust alleged that churches were using scare tactics, misleading claims and sermons against voluntary assisted dying. “I am a weekly church attender, visiting many churches, and I’ve never heard any scare tactics, misleading claims, or sermons against voluntary assisted dying,” ACL Qld director Wendy Francis said today.

“The ACL’s 30,000 Queensland supporters are largely church attenders. They want quality palliative care for every Queenslander, in cities and the regions. Palliative care must be prioritised before assisted suicide legislation can even be debated.

“With a State election in less than 12 weeks, ACL supporters were pleased to read the LNP statement, following the recent inquiry into euthanasia legislation, stating,

‘No decision should be made whilst the issue of palliative care is so poorly funded, understood, barely accessible and neglected. Additionally, the logic relied on by the majority is flawed or not supported by evidence.’

“ACL supporters were further encouraged that assisted suicide is not a priority for two parties potentially with the balance of power in the next parliament, namely the Katter Australia Party and One Nation.”

“While Queensland doctors face a global pandemic and fight to save Australian lives every day, it seems ironic and macabre for assisted suicide advocates such as the Clem Jones Trust and former Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad to champion laws based on hopelessness, fear and promoting death.”


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