Media Release

Euthanasia For Children In Queensland?

The Australian Christian Lobby today warned of the euthanasia slippery slope as the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties argue for children as young as 12 to have access to assisted dying.

 “These comments are incredibly alarming,” commented ACL’s state director Wendy Francis. 

“Extending euthanasia legislation to children as young as 12 sends a dangerous message on the value of life to very young kids.” 

Suicide is currently the leading cause of death of young people aged 14-17 years in Queensland, a statistic we can all agree is an absolute tragedy.” 

“How can we advocate for the value of life and fund suicide prevention programs while also promoting euthanasia as a legal method of healthcare?”  

Mrs Francis also said that the inherent value of every life must continue to be maintained.  

“Australia must not become the kind of society where some lives are considered worthier of life than others.” 

The Australian Christian Lobby continues to uphold the sanctity of all life and urges the Queensland Parliament to do the same. 

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