Media Release

Greens’ bill gags free speech on abortion

The Australian Christian Lobby has this morning called for South Australian MLCs to reject the Greens’ Bill which crushes free speech, effectively banning people (even concerned family members) speaking about abortion inside – and within 150 metres – of every South Australian hospital.

ACL’s SA Director, Christopher Brohier stated today, “South Australians should be able to discuss the issue of abortion freely, including by providing information as to alternatives to abortion and conducting prayer vigils near places where abortions are carried out. There are two lives at stake in abortion, the woman’s life will be affected; the child’s life will be lost. We must be free to speak for both: to love them both.

“Vulnerable women may be subject to coercion, abandonment or stress. Why can’t family members or caring people help the mother and the unborn child?”

The Bill is extreme in that it bans talking, pamphlets or other communication about abortion anywhere inside of, or within, 150 metres from hospitals – whether abortions are performed at there or not unless there is express consent to such communications. Very sensitive family or private conversations could be criminalised.” Mr Brohier said.

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