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Attorney-General must explain pro-abortion SALRI report

The Australian Christian Lobby is disappointed with a South Australian Law Reform Institute report that strongly backs weaker abortion laws.

The Attorney-General released SALRI’s “Abortion: A Review of South Australian Law and Practice” report yesterday (Thursday 5 December 2019). The report recommends abortion up to and including birth, changing the word ‘woman’ to ‘person’ and banishing people praying or expressing concern about abortion 150 metres from health facilities.

“Despite the evidence presented in submissions, the report landed very close to Greens Party policy in almost every respect,” ACL South Australian director Christopher Brohier noted, “Much of the responsibility for that lies with the Attorney-General’s pro-abortion terms of reference to SALRI.” 

“Recommending abortion up to and including birth is lamentable,” Mr Brohier observed, “SALRI had a real opportunity to recognise rapid advances in medical science and understanding of the personhood, sensory capabilities and viability of an unborn child. Abortion often arises due to coercion and many women have inadequate information before proceeding – leading to lifelong grief. SALRI paid mere lip service to evidence supporting these concerns, with merely one recommendation on abortion coercion.”

“The Advertiser reports that the Attorney-General intends to prepare legislation allowing abortion up to and including birth,” Mr Brohier added, “This is highly concerning. A second opinion after 23 weeks’ gestation is a fig-leaf safeguard. How could the law justify ending a 9-month-old unborn child’s life, without any effective restriction? Given her SALRI reference precluded answers to this question – and as the State’s chief law officer driving this legislation – the Attorney must provide an answer.”

“ACL calls on the Marshall government to represent all South Australians, not just Greens Party voters, and react cautiously to the report,” Mr Brohier concluded, “We also call on all South Australian Parliamentarians to critically review the report and ensure future legislation upholds the dignity of the life of the unborn child and the best interests of South Australian women.”

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