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Abortion to Birth Unjustified

Abortion to Birth involves the deliberate termination of a viable human being. That is never justified.

Adelaide researcher, Dr Prudence Flowers, has shown a callous disregard for women in poverty, or in domestic violence situations, in her preliminary findings on late-term abortion statistics as reported in the Advertiser (‘Study backs abortion shift’, 9 November). The incomplete research suggests that the majority of abortions after 23 weeks’ gestation are due to foetal abnormalities or the mother having experienced sexual abuse, abusive relationships, addiction or homelessness.

Wendy Francis, the Australian Christian Lobby’s spokeswoman for women and children said “Dr Flowers missed the most relevant evidence, namely that in Victoria since abortion to birth was legalised, there has been an average of about 65 late-term abortions a year purely for maternal psycho-social reasons. These children could have lived if given a chance. Dr Flowers has not even considered this evidence.”

Mrs Francis also questioned the value of Dr Flowers’ study as it was based on an extremely limited data set. In the nations that she studied there are about 1.2 million abortions a year (over 80,000 abortions annually in Australia; 860,000 annually in the US; 100,000 in Canada and 200,000 in the UK). Given those numbers, Mrs Francis said the validity of the study is questionable, as Dr Flowers conducted just 44 interviews.

“It is also a significant flaw that Dr Flowers does not appear to have spoken to any post-abortive women. Surely they would have been the best people to have given evidence of the reasons for their abortions?”

The ACL said it is offensive in the extreme to women, who feel compelled to seek an abortion because of poverty, homelessness or domestic abuse, to say that they are exercising a choice.

“It is a choice they make when they feel they have no choice. Instead of facilitating more and more abortions, SA should think creatively and support these women and their children, so that both are given a real chance at life.”

SA should not legislate for Abortion to Birth.


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