Media Release

The Truth on Abortion-to-birth

Good laws can never be founded on error. This is especially so when human lives are at stake, such as whether abortion-to-birth should be legal in South Australia.

ACL’s South Australian Director, Christopher Brohier, said on the weekend, “Clause 6 of the Attorney-General’s abortion to birth Bill provides that after 22 weeks and six days of gestation, abortion will be permitted if two doctors think it is medically appropriate. This permission has no gestational limit. The only outer limit, therefore, is birth.”

“Despite this, earlier this week when ABC Riverland radio asked the Attorney-General whether the Bill enabled a woman to terminate a pregnancy up to birth, Ms Chapman said, ‘That is not correct’”, Mr Brohier said.

“The Attorney-General is not correct. The Attorney-General should tell the truth about what her Bill allows, and why she supports abortion to birth.

“All reasonable South Australians oppose abortion to birth.”

ACL calls on the State Parliament to reject abortion to birth.


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