Media Release

Liberal government must reject Labor MP’s LGBT Conversion Bill

A Private Member’s Bill by Labor’s Nat Cook is fraught with danger, based on a myth that coercive practices exist, and should be rejected, the Australian Christian Lobby said today.

Ms Cook has indicated she will bring her bill banning LGBT ‘conversion therapies’ before Parliament in September. ACL state director Mr Christopher Brohier said, “The Attorney-General has admitted there is no evidence of such practices in SA. That is the truth, and there is grave danger of unintended consequences in banning non-existent practices.”

He also said, “A ban on a doctor or parent confirming a gender-confused child in their natal sex means substandard health care for young people with gender dysphoria. Even ‘wait and see’ attempts will be deemed ‘conversion therapy’.

“South Australian churches, mosques and other faith communities won’t be able to teach on gender or sexuality according to their faith.

“It would be highly irresponsible for the Marshall Government to support a private member’s bill which is based on a myth. The Liberal Government must promptly make it clear that it would oppose the Bill.”


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