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SA Labor Leader points out flaws in Greens’ Prostitution Bill

The Australian Christian Lobby commends SA Labor leader Peter Malinauskas who has raised serious concerns about the Greens’ prostitution decriminalisation Bill.

State director Christopher Brohier said that Mr Malinauskas properly raised the question that we must decide if brothels should be allowed next to schools.  

“This among other issues raised by the Labor leader in relation to street work, are key community concerns that the current Tammy Franks’ Bill will allow in SA,” commented Mr Brohier. 

“ACL was saddened by the approach taken by the Liberal Attorney-General Vicki Chapman and the Liberal Deputy leader in the Upper House Michelle Lensink, which reflected a lack of consideration of the obvious flaws of the Greens’ Bill.” 

“Decriminalisation will lead to increased demand and industrialisation of prostitution and so to increased trafficking,” warned Mr Brohier. 

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the Upper House members to reject the Greens’ Bill and instead consider the Nordic Model of prostitution law reform which provides meaningful exit strategies for those prostituted and criminalises the buying of sex. 


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