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Uber-type prostitution will horrify SA mothers and wives, warns the ACL

Plans to bring prostitution only a click-away in South Australia using Uber-type technology, should those advocating to decriminalise prostitution get their way, will horrify mothers and wives, warns the Australian Christian Lobby.

“It is ghastly that people, with the blessing of Greens MLC Tammy Franks, who authored the prostitution decriminalisation bill,  were already lining up to develop new methods making it easier to exploit women’s bodies – even before the legislation is passed,” ACL SA director Christopher Brohier said.

“The community clearly wants less prostitution, not more. An ACL-commissioned poll in August of approximately 2,000 South Australians found more than 55 per cent of respondents believed South Australia’s laws should encourage less prostitution.

Minister for Planning and Local Government, Stephan Knoll, correctly tapped into this sentiment when he told parliament on Wednesday that “the idea that a brothel would set up shop in a country town next to a bakery or the dentist is an eventuality that our community would be horrified by”.

“Minister Knoll was right when he said that this bill should be rejected and parliament should consider the Nordic Model or Equality Model of prostitution law reform, if it is serious about reducing sexual exploitation in our State,” Mr Brohier said.

The Nordic Model, which takes its name from the Nordic region where it operates successfully, decriminalises the selling of sex, criminalises the buying of sex and third-party profiteering, and provides meaningful exit strategies for prostituted people.

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