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Greens must be upfront on prostitution bill

Greens MLC Tammy Franks should be upfront about the impact of South Australia’s proposed new prostitution laws, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Ms Franks’ assertion today in the Adelaide Advertiser that SA’s new prostitution laws would not see children allowed in brothels during business hours is at odds with her own voting record.

On 19 June 2019 in the Legislative Council Ms Franks and other MLCs rejected an amendment moved by the Hon Emily Bourke which would have made it an offence to have children present when commercial sex work was occurring.

Australian Christian Lobby’s SA director, Christopher Brohier said it was important for members of the House of Assembly to know the truth about the consequences of the bill.

“This is a radical bill,” said Mr Brohier. “MPs need to know the truth about this bill and should not be misled about its consequences.”

“The Upper House has already voted against a ban on kids in brothels. This is a dangerous law; it is completely out of touch with community expectations and the Greens need to be honest about this issue.”

“A recent telephone survey of 2,214 voters conducted by ACL in 11 marginal seats found that more than 88 per cent of people surveyed believed children should not be allowed on brothel premises during the hours of operation.”

“The survey showed that twice as many voters would be less likely to vote for an MP who supported the bill than would be more likely to vote for that MP,” Mr Brohier said.

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