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Compelled Speech Makes Landfall In Tasmania

The Australian Christian Lobby is extremely concerned what the new Tasmanian compelled speech laws could mean for other Australian jurisdictions.

According to ACL’s acting state director Dan Flynn, “This is the first case of compelled speech legislation in Australia and it has not even been scrutinised by the Law Reform Institute. We no idea what kind of implications this could have.”  

Despite ACL’s submissions, legislative councilors voted 8/6 to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act to give gender expression, including names and references, protected status.  

“This move could see people dragged before Tribunals for causing unintentional offence to trans people, by misgendering them. That is a new threshold in compelled speech, never before seen on Australian shores,” warned Mr Flynn.   

“All of this on top of a birth certificate bill which allows unlimited changes of gender to an infinite variety of genders; all to be recorded on near meaningless birth certificates.”  

The numerous flaws in the Bill pointed out by the Tasmanian Solicitor-General along with other eminent lawyers were scoffed at in the Legislative Council.  

“In a final capitulation to the trans lobby, the Legislative Council is also set to make special provision for trans males to be pregnant and have abortions.”  

The Bill is expected will return to the House of Assembly for approval on Tuesday 9 April.  

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the Government to insist that the Law Reform Institute be given time to report on this Bill before bringing it to a vote in the Lower House.  

The Government must now take control of the legislative agenda and ensure good and workable laws are made for the Tasmanian people. 


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