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Gender affirmation legislation backlash in Victoria a timely warning for Tasmania

Reports of distraught parents facing prosecution under Victorian law for failing to agree to potentially harmful treatments for their children including chest-binding, hormone blockers and sex-change surgery should sound alarm bells for Tasmanian parents. The Tasmanian government is currently considering recommendations from the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute for similar ‘conversion therapy’ legislation.

Australian Christian Lobby’s Tasmanian director, Christopher Brohier, said, “After seeing what is occurring in Victoria, parents of gender-confused children in Tasmania are fearful that their children will become casualties in an ideological war. The last thing they need is government interfering in their children’s personal lives to the extent that they are denied access to expert assessment and counselling services.

“The National Association of Practicing Psychiatrists continue to advise a ‘wait and see’ exploratory approach to treating gender dysphoria. It is unthinkable that the Victorian legislation contravenes the recommended approach from experts who are backed by an abundance of global evidence.”  

“The ACL encourages Tasmania’s Premier and Attorney General to lead the way in Australia on this important health issue and, prior to making any decision on the introduction of controversial and dangerous Victorian-style laws, initiate an independent review into gender clinics and their use of affirmation therapy including puberty blockers on children”, Mr Brohier said.


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