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Victorian Government Trains Doctors To Administer Suicide

The Australian Christian Lobby expressed grave concerns for Victorian medical practitioners and vulnerable patients as Victorian Health professionals are being trained in administering assisted suicide in Melbourne.

ACL’s Victorian director, Dan Flynn said “For the first time in Australian history, a government is training the very professionals who have taken an oath to protect life, to end it.” 

It’s likely the Victorian government will issue the first certificates authorising suicide on 19 June, when the regime begins. 

“No wonder a credible cohort of Doctors, led by Dr Stephen Parnis, Head of Emergency at St Vincent’s Hospital, are up in arms about this decision, as it goes against their training and awareness of elder abuse and coercion.” 

“This week’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Implementation conference heralds a regime where doctors will be assisting their patients to commit suicide and where necessary, actually killing the patient themselves.” 

“How can it be, that the ones expected to prolong life, provide comfort and promote health are now expected to facilitate suicide and death? The answer to terminal illness and pain is not suicide; it is improved pain relief, comfort and quality of life when our loved ones need it most.” 

“Just because assisted suicide is legal in Victoria doesn’t mean it’s ethical. Assisting patients to kill themselves will not only affect its direct victims but also those that are required to give the so-called medication. The Government is showing no concern for the mental state of the doctors that will administer assisted suicide.” Mr Flynn said. 

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