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Is Suicide A Good Death?

The Australian Christian Lobby said Victorians would be horrified to learn that lethal poisons can legally be distributed today to households across the state, for the purpose of killing people.

“This is the harsh reality of Victoria’s assisted dying program,” warned ACL’s state director Dan Flynn. 

“No government can account for what happens with the lethal poisons delivered to Victorian homes. The Andrew’s government cannot screen for elder abuse, coercion or depression in the homes of the terminally ill and vulnerable.” 

“The safeguards are a mirage, with the appearance of safety, to appease a wary public.” 

Mr Flynn said that the appointment of assisted suicide ‘navigators’ in public hospitals is chilling.  

“The legislation provides that doctors cannot raise the topic of assisted suicide with patients. However, recently recruited navigators will now steer cancer suffers and others towards ‘death with dignity’ which euthanasia claims to be.” 

“This is clearly a major safeguard being cleverly overridden by the government,” said Mr Flynn.  

The Australian Christian Lobby urges the Andrews government to fund and provide first class palliative care across Victoria so that no one needs to commit suicide to end their pain and suffering.

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