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Fiona Patten MP proposes green light for illicit drug use in Victoria

Ignoring expert medical advice, Fiona Patten, Reason Party MP, will table a reckless bill this week in the Victorian government, seeking to decriminalise illicit drug use.

This flies in the face of the Andrews Labor Government’s 2015 plan – which was being implemented at a cost of $4.5 million – to bring in tough news laws to stop the supply, demand and harm of the drug Ice. Announcing the plan, Premier Daniel Andrews said, “I’m determined to ensure that those who are involved with manufacturing and pedalling this poison face the full force of the law.” 

National Director of Politics for the ACL, Wendy Francis, said, “Illicit drugs ruin individual lives and are injurious to entire communities. Laws are established to maintain behaviour and practices for the flourishing of all of our society.”

ACL calls on the Andrews government to remain committed to their position on the detrimental effect of illicit drugs on every member of our community, taking the advice of medical experts and law enforcement agencies. Ms Patten’s bill is reckless and must be rejected.


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