Media Release

Labor v Labor lite is no choice at all

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) will continue to pray for Daniel Andrews, Victoria’s re-elected Premier.

ACL’s Victorian Director, Wendy Francis, said “It is our prayer that Daniel Andrews will not further undermine religious freedom in Victoria.

“A lesson from this election result is that Labor lite doesn’t work…not just for faith voters, but everyone. The Liberals failed to offer an alternative. Labor v Labor lite is no choice at all. Mathew Guy tried to walk both sides of the street. Mouthing support for religious freedom while leading the team that voted against it in the parliament.

“Liberal’s support for the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act (which bans prayer and counselling for gender questioning people), expelling from the party room pro-life MLC, Bernie Finn, and foreshadowing the expulsion of Dr Renee Heath for her church affiliation, demonstrated that the Liberal Party was keen to copy Labor on social issues to avoid any adverse media reaction.

“By so doing, the Liberal party failed to articulate a reason why faith based voters should chose Liberal over Labor and seriously misjudged the sentiment of everyday Victorians looking for a viable alternative government, not a poor copy. The high minor party vote is a clear indication of the dissatisfaction in both major parties.”


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