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Melbourne emails weaponised to enforce LGBTIQ+ political correctness

The City of Melbourne Council has invited future litigation and more political correctness tangles with its weekend push to invite council staff to declare their preferred pronoun in their email signatures.

The political correctness phenomenon of ‘pronoun abuse’ has seen Nike sued for $1.1m USD for alleged ‘misgendering’ and similar claims included in a lawsuit against actress Rosario Dawson.  One British teacher has even been accused of a ‘hate crime’ for ‘misgendering’ a child.

“The Australian Christian Lobby is very concerned at Melbourne City Council’s promotion of LGBTI political correctness, including the use of ‘they’ as a required pronoun in staff emails. This new process will compel the use of declared pronouns in reply emails or phone calls, marginalising those who adhere to the biological truth of male and female,” ACL Victorian spokesperson Jasmine Yuen said today.

“The ACL call on all levels of government to be inclusive – not selective – by respecting the majority of the wider community who are on the side of biology and assert that humans are born either male or female,” Mrs Yuen said.


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