Media Release

WA Mourns 173,000 Unborn Children At 21st Annual Rally For Life

Thousands of Western Australian’s will tonight gather at the steps of Parliament House for the 21st Annual Rally for Life. 

The Australian Christian Lobby’s WA state director Peter Abetz said, “This rally comes at a critical time before the nation votes for our next federal government.” 

“There is a clear distinction between the major party policies on abortion with Labor promising to extend public funding for abortions nationally.” 

“Labor’s policy, which has already been implemented in Queensland, allows a woman to end a child’s life up until full term for any reason.”  

Since abortion was legalised in WA in 1998, over 173,000 unborn babies have already been lost to abortion. 

“Currently in Victoria, there is a shocking rise in sex-selection abortions within ethnic groups, we know women are being pressured or coerced into having an abortion, and doctors in Queensland may be forced to perform abortions even if they conscientiously object to the practice.” 

“Labor’s policy could have severe and far-reaching consequences, including dramatically increasing the pressure on already vulnerable women,” warned Mr Abetz. 

Ahead of the federal election, it appears that voters who believe in the inherent dignity and value of life will have a clear choice as Labor advance unfettered abortion. 

The Australian Christian Lobby continues to uphold the sanctity of life and lobby for the protection of both women and children. 

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