Media Release

New prostitution case in SA could impact parliament decision

Parliament must have the full picture on prostitution in SA before voting on the Greens decriminalisation bill, the Australian Christian Lobby said today. 

Allegations reported in the Advertiser against Hon Leung Chu for operating a nationwide prostitution ring from Adelaide raises important issues which need to be considered. 

Chu allegedly had 36 prostitutes and 19 receptionists on his payroll, took 40% of their earnings, is still to face over 70 additional charges, and has not yet pleaded to eight counts of knowingly engaging in money laundering.  

Christopher Brohier, ACL State Director said, “It is necessary for Parliament to know if these allegations are true before making a decision on Hon Tammy Franks bill.” 

The Select Committee into the Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2015 heard evidence that “the majority of brothels are private or independent workers or small collectives of workers working together.”   

“If these allegations are sustained they may reveal a different picture of prostitution and present new evidence for Parliament to consider” commented Mr Brohier. 

The Australian Christian Lobby urges Parliament to await the outcome of this case before pushing forward with a vote on Franks bill so Members can make an informed choice. 

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