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No one wants more abortions in Queensland

Queenslanders have again voiced strong opposition to any efforts to liberalise abortion laws, with almost 12,000 signing the latest parliamentary petition.

The petition, which closed on 30 April, was the third Parliamentary petition against abortion liberalization in two years collecting a combined total of more than 67,000 signatures.

It called on Government to consider the wellbeing of women and the need for better options, independent support and to consider the humanity of the unborn child and their inherent human rights.

“No one in Queensland wants more abortions,” Mrs Francis said.

A February 2018 Galaxy Poll confirms that 76 per cent of voters believe abortion harms women’s health, 60 per cent oppose mid-term abortions past 13 weeks while 26 per cent say they know of someone who has been pressured to have an abortion.

In March, thousands of people took part in the annual March for Life in Brisbane.

“It would be folly for the Queensland Government to discard this latest petition and the urgings of tens of thousands of Queenslanders to not tamper with abortion laws.”

“Few other issues, in recent Queensland political history, has invoked such widespread concern and we will take note of how MPs respond to this petition when Parliament debates it under the new petition rules,” Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director and lead petitioner, Wendy Francis said.

This latest petition followed a 2017 pro-abortion crusade by former Cairns MP, Rob Pyne, which was thwarted by a community backlash. Mr Pyne subsequently lost his seat at the November 2017 state election.

Currently the Queensland Law Reform Commission is formulating its report to the government after being directed to “recommend how Queensland should amend its laws”. Independent of what the Commission recommends, communities expectation is clearly against any changes to abortion safe-guards.

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