Media Release

Nordic Approach needs to be considered for WA

Comments from Ms Julie Bates on 6PR last night urging decriminalisation of prostitution in Western Australia have today been criticised by the Australian Christian Lobby. 

“Decriminalisation has always led to increased demand, which fuels human sex trafficking. We should learn from those failures,” commented Peter Abetz, the ACL’s state director. 

“It’s important that any conversation about prostitution legislation also includes the internationally successful Nordic Approach.”  

“The Nordic Approach acknowledges that the vast majority of women in prostitution want to exit the industry and this legislation assists them to do so. By criminalising the buyer it also protects vulnerable women from coercion, trafficking and violence.” 

“As reported in the United States’ 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report, Australia is primarily a human trafficking destination country for women and girls predominantly for prostitution.  These women need protection which will never be provided by decriminalisation,” said Mr Abetz.  

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