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Parents petition Premier’s office to scrap ‘Safe Schools’

Opposition to the so called ‘Safe Schools’ gender theory program has reached a new level in Victoria with thousands of parents now calling for their right to pull their kids out of classes teaching this controversial material.

On Friday, Melbourne mother, Maria Hill and ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn delivered a 16,675-signature petition to the Victorian Premier’s office protesting the continued use of the Safe Schools program.

The petition demands action from a Government continuing to encourage cross dressing, teaching kids that their gender is ‘fluid ‘and promoting instruction in chest binding (so that girls can appear as boys).

“Unless the Andrews Government shows a quick willingness to respond to these parental concerns, by removing ‘Safe Schools’ from the classroom, voters will be looking to support other parties that promise to scrap it at this year’s state election,” Mr Flynn said.

“Parents are outraged that the Victorian Government continues to teach that childrens’ gender is fluid under the cover of a so-called anti-bullying program. The concern is heightened now as the government has made it clear that ‘Safe Schools’ will be compulsory for all high school students this year.”

Documentary evidence that the Government continues to promote these extreme concepts was also presented to the Premier’s office Friday.

The Education Department Guide continues to endorse ‘All of Us’, a publication of Safe Schools Coalition Australia and Minus 18.

‘All of Us’ states:

“Gender isn’t quite as simple as whether you’re ‘male’ or ‘female’…it’s up to the individual to describe what gender identity fits them best… There are lots of different components that make up your sex. These components can be thought to sit anywhere on a spectrum between ‘female’ and ‘male’ “

‘All of Us’ also asserts that asking new parents whether their baby is a boy or a girl reinforces harmful heteronormativity.

‘All of Us’ endorses Minus 18, an organisation funded by the Victorian Government, which publishes “Healthier and safer ways to bind your chest” for girls wishing to present as masculine in public places. The publication states that the practice is risky and has the potential to be lethal.

“Victorian parents are urged to contact Premier Andrews directly to insist on the right to take their children out of the ‘Safe Schools’ program.” Mr Flynn said.


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