Media Release

Pro-life Kathy Clubb Case reaches the High Court of Australia

On Tuesday 9 of October, one of the most important cases for both freedom of speech and the pro-life movement will be brought before the High Court of Australia. 

Kathy Clubb will be fighting a criminal conviction for communicating about abortion within 150 meters of an abortion clinic in Melbourne Victoria.  

Martyn Iles, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby said, “The importance of this case cannot be overstated.”   

“This case is challenging a law which criminalises communication about a particular political subject in a particular place. If the government can do that, it sets an alarming precedent against freedom of political communication.”  

“The High Court has previously held that the freedom to communicate on political matters is a necessary part of representative democracy. That’s why this is so important – it goes to the heart of democratic freedom in Australia.”  

“Kathy’s case will also impact abortion law reforms currently being considered by the Queensland parliament because they include exclusion zones. The final ruling, in this case, could potentially make exclusion zones across Australia unconstitutional,” Mr Iles commented.  

This case (No M45/2018) will be before the High Court of Australia from Tuesday 9 October until Thursday 11 October.

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