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Pro-life Kathy Clubb Case will impact freedom of speech

The High Court of Australia will today begin to consider what is set to become one of the most important cases in our nation’s history for both freedom of speech and the pro-life movement.  

Kathy Clubb is fighting a criminal conviction for communicating about abortion within 150 meters of an abortion clinic in Melbourne, Victoria.  

“The outcome of this case will have implications both for individual states and the nation,” said Martyn Iles, the Australian Christian Lobby’s managing director.  

“Not only will the ruling impact state laws on exclusion zones, but it will have broader implications for whether governments can outlaw communication on political subjects in certain places. That is an extremely important issue.”  

“The ACL believes this is one of the most critical cases regarding freedom of speech and the pro-life movement ever to reach the High Court,” Mr Iles said.  

Clubb v Edwards (No M45/2018) will be in the High Court of Australia from Tuesday 9 October through to Thursday 11 October 2018.

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