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Progressive abortion legislation leads to eugenics

New data shows that progressive abortion laws risk becoming eugenic in nature the Australian Christian Lobby said today. 

Although there is no national reporting arrangement, statistics from the WA and SA Health Departments show an increase in post 20-week abortions for “foetal anomalies” and “foetal reasons” – mainly Down syndrome.  

ACL’s Spokeswoman for Women and Children Wendy Francis said, “It is clear from these statistics that the disabled community is becoming increasingly targeted and marginalised.” 

“Proposed abortion legislation in Queensland and laws like those in Victoria send the clear message that some lives aren’t worth living. 

“Once we do away with the principle of the sanctity of life, we are left to decide which lives should be ended. Sadly, the evidence shows that we choose to terminate the lives of the disabled.” 

Iceland’s claim of almost eradicating Down syndrome reveals a much more sinister dystopia than most would feel comfortable with. Aborting between 80 and 85% of babies with Trisomy 21 has led to almost complete elimination of Down syndrome, but at the cost of ending children’s lives.  

“The ultimate consequence to society if we devalue the lives of people with disabilities or anomalies is nothing short of eugenic.” Commented Mrs Francis. 

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