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QLD introduce gender theory in school psychology course

A new ATAR psychology course on offer for Queensland year 11 and 12 students seeks to embed gender theory into school curriculum once more, warns the Australian Christian Lobby. 

“Including gender theory in school curriculum does no good for children,” commented ACL’s managing director Martyn Iles. 

“It harms kids by causing them to question their identity and can sow uncertainty during an already vulnerable stage of life.” 

“Across the country, we are already seeing a dramatic increase in the number of children struggling with gender identity and wanting to transition, this kind of addition to the QLD curriculum is the last thing kids need.” 

“Gender theory often purposely omits the reasons for gender dysphoria which includes the tragedy of sexual abuse. Teaching gender theory potentially puts kids on a pathway of hormones and irreversible reassignment surgery,” warned Mr Iles. 

“The reality is that tens of thousands of people across the globe regret mutilating their bodies. We know that without medical intervention 80-90% of children revert to their natal sex through puberty, a process which is now being prevented by puberty blockers.”  

“Embedding gender theory into year 11 and 12 school subjects is a retrograde step which is anti-science and pro-ideology.”

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