Media Release

Ruddock Review must consider religious freedom for schools

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the federal government to resolve religious freedom for schools when considering their response to the Ruddock Review. 

Managing director of the ACL, Martyn Iles said, “Educators from all faith backgrounds are concerned about religious freedom in schools. The letter signed by 34 Anglican principals sent to federal MPs, a letter to the Prime Minister from the head of the Presbyterian church in Australia, and now comments from the Muslim community all reflect this growing concern.” 

“The government’s proposal to amend the Sex Discrimination Act was policy on the run and will have unintended consequences. The proposal removes parts of the Act which could protect faith-based schools from being required to teach gender bending content.” 

“There is also a risk that schools will not be able to uphold their beliefs about sex and gender which go to the heart of their faith.” 

“The integrity of schools who hold to a religious ethos would be compromised, and if this section is removed, we could very well see religious schools forced to teach programs like Safe Schools.” 

“Figures from the Bureau of Statistics shows that 19.9% of kids in Australia go to a Catholic school, followed by 14.5% attending independent schools which include a range of faith-based schools.” 

“It’s important to remember that parents choose faith-based education for their children because they want their kids to be taught the virtues and principles which religious education provides,” said Mr Iles. 

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