Media Release

Save our Schools campaign launched

The Australian Christian Lobby has launched the Save our Schools national campaign. 

Another attack on religious freedom for schools came earlier this week with the formation of a Senate inquiry into discrimination exemptions for faith-based educational institutions.

Martyn Iles, ACL’s managing director said, “It’s critical that the voices of concerned parents are heard over the activists.” 

The SoS campaign will empower parents and grandparents whose voices have been pushed aside in the school freedoms debate. They are the people who work hard and make sacrifices to send their children to schools who hold to a religious ethos and biblical principles. 

ACL’s managing director Martyn Iles said, “The orchestrated push to shut down freedom for religious schools is ultimately an attack on their Australian way of life.” 

“Any changes to the Sex Discrimination Act would be based on the lie that religious schools are expelling students simply because they are gay.” 

“The devil is so often in the detail when it comes to legislation, and the situation is no different here. The existing law goes a long way to protecting the integrity of faith-based school communities which so many parents choose for their kids. But it is not used to disbar same-sex attracted children. That simply isn’t happening.” 

“To erode the freedoms that so many parents hold dear in the education of their children over a lie is untenable. The government should not countenance it.” 

“Recent figures from the Bureau of Statistics show that roughly 35% of Australian students attend independent and faith-based schools.” 

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