Media Release

Say A Little Prayer For Victoria’s Parliament

The Australian Christian Lobby is concerned the Andrews government is considering removing the century-old tradition of reciting the Lord’s Prayer before parliament deliberates.

This threat to the prayer comes after calls from the leader of the Reason Party Fiona Patten. 

ACL’s state director Dan Flynn said, “The Lord’s Prayer has a legitimate place in parliament as one of the important parts of parliamentary procedure since 1918.” 

“The Lord’s prayer is symbolic of the Christian ethos underpinning western civilisation that has fostered free and prosperous societies, including our liberal democracy.” 

The atheist political philosopher Jurgen Habermas has said, “Egalitarian universalism, from which sprang the ideas of freedom, human rights, and democracy, is the direct heir to the Judaic ethic of justice and the Christian ethic of love. To this day, there is no alternative to it”.  

“The Lord’s prayer is a unifying Judeo-Christian prayer. It invites reflection and humility before taking major decisions that affect all Victorians,” commented Mr Flynn. 

The Australian Christian Lobby urges the Victorian Parliament to keep the centenary old tradition of reciting the Lord’s Prayer as a reminder of the reason our parliament exists in the first place – to create good and fair legislation for the benefit or all Victorians. 


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