Media Release

Shame on Wantima Golf Club in Brendale, Brisbane

When we accept men impersonating women with sexual inuendo + men impersonating young boys with sexual inuendo we become a sick society. 

Wantima Golf Club’s advertising of their drag event featuring “SEXY BALL BOY” is yet another example of a blatant attempt to sexualise children and normalize evil.

Wendy Francis, National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said, “The adult drag event being promoted by Wantima Golf Club entices people to attend to view “Sexy Ball Boy“. This appears to be nothing other than a diabolical exploitation of young boys for adult’s sexual entertainment.

As a society, we cannot ignore blatant sexualization of children such as this. ‘Ballkids’, by definition and according to the rules, are aged between 11 and 16 years old. Australians who value the innocence of children have had enough.  

“Young boys are not sex objects and any suggestion of otherwise is sick.”

The ACL have asked the Golf Club for a public apology and for them to immediately stop the event. The ACL have also asked the Australian Federal Police to investigate whether a crime has been committed against minors.

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