Media Release

Transport Minister should support ban on vehicles with offensive slogans

The Australian Christian Lobby has today called on the SA Transport Minister Stephan Knoll to support Labor MP Katrine Hildyard’s proposed legislation to ban offensive slogans on South Australian vehicles. 

Following reports of obscene Wicked Campers with SA number plates being spotted in Cairns earlier this week, ACL will begin lobbying the government to support Ms Hildyard’s bill.   

ACL’s state director Christopher Brohier said, “ACL welcomes Ms Hildyard’s quick response to the public outcry surrounding this shocking story. We now want to see the government get behind this ban as well.”   

“I’ve been encouraged by initial comments from the Attorney-General which indicate the Government would strongly consider Labor’s call for a ban. It’s time for the Transport Minister to support Ms Hildyard’s initiative, and ensure appropriate legislation is passed,” commented Mr Brohier.  

The Australian Christian Lobby is calling on the Transport Minister and Attorney General to stop allowing vehicles with offensive and obscene slogans to have free reign on SA roads.

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