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Urgent action needed on religious freedom

Revelations today that Australians are being persecuted for their beliefs shine a light on the need for urgent religious freedom protections, the Australian Christian Lobby says.

The call comes after The Weekend Australian has revealed that photographer, Jason Tey, is before a State Administrative Tribunal not for declining service, but for simply stating his Christian beliefs.

Meanwhile, the owners of leading wedding magazine, White Magazine, have been hounded out of business, physically threatened, and deserted by advertisers merely over suspicions that they were not planning to feature any same-sex marriages.

“One year after same-sex marriage was legislated, we are still waiting for promised protections of freedoms to be delivered.

Meanwhile, good people of faith are suffering,” said ACL managing director, Martyn Iles.

“These cases are only the tip of the iceberg. ACL has been called in to provide help to more than 50 people who have faced legal trouble for living out their faith.”

“What happens when someone’s deepest beliefs and convictions clash with law and culture? Luke, Carla and Jason are living that reality and it’s a nightmare.”

“Few cases come to the public attention because people are afraid to speak. The intolerance they face is formidable.”
Mr Iles said the cases had been getting worse.

“Jason is being sued simply for stating his beliefs. Luke and Clara were harassed out of business for saying and doing nothing – for their silence. That is shocking. We are at the stage where anything less than total affirmation is worthy of vicious attack. We’re spiralling into an Orwellian nightmare.”

ACL called on the federal government to act urgently to protect freedoms in Australian law.

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