Media Release

UWA Cancels Van Meter Transgender Speech

After yesterday promising to hold the event it is disappointing to hear the University of WA has now cancelled Dr Quentin Van Meter’s speech, said the Australian Christian Lobby. 

Dr Van Meter is an American paediatric endocrinologist expert who believes the transgender movement is based on ideology rather than science. 

ACL’s state director Peter Abetz said; “It’s a sad fact that we now live in a world where universities are denying free speech and opinion.” 

“Universities were a place of robust debate and open discussion, now they just pander to offended people who cannot engage with those who hold conflicting ideas.” 

“Dr Van Meter is an international expert on transgenderism who should be allowed the freedom to speak just like anyone else,” commented Mr Abetz. 

The Australian Christian Lobby urges UWA to reinstate the event and uphold the inherent freedoms of speech and opinion. 

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