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Victorian Sex Work Decriminalisation Law emboldens sex industry at the cost of women and children

The latest mobile billboard advertisement from Melbourne brothel, ‘Gotham City’, features highly sexualised, exploitative images which objectify all women and ignores community responsibility to protect children as it roams Melbourne streets including near schools

Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “Under the Andrews-Allan Government’s Sex Work Decriminalisation Law, the sex industry and its pimps are now unfettered in their desire to promote their ‘business’ despite its negative impact on a flourishing society, particularly in regards to the welfare of women and children.

“This offensive advertising is a consequence of the Victorian Labor Government’s promotion of prostitution through their decriminalisation legislation which flies in the face of the global move to limit the exploitation of primarily women and children through the dehumanising industry of prostitution. 

“Parents from all over Melbourne are objecting to Ad Standards about the explicit ads but sadly, this body, Australia’s advertising regulator, remains unable to tackle the issue of objectification of women in public advertising because of their self-regulation system. 

“Since when do we think it’s acceptable to advertise the self-described ‘Gotham City house of sin’ to our children? It is yet another example of parental rights, and the innocence of children being trampled in pursuit of money. Australian governments need to wake up and rediscover what really matters and what will lead to human flourishing.”

The Australian Christian Lobby urges the Andrews-Allan Government to listen to everyday Victorians and consider the Equality Model of Prostitution Legislation currently being considered in South Australia after Upper House Liberal leader Nicola Centofanti tabled a bill that protects women and children, criminalises pimps and assist those who wish to exit prostitution.

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