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WA Greens latest push to remove religious freedom

The West Australian Greens this week launched their latest push to remove religious freedom from Christian schools and organisations.

Australian Christian Lobby calls on the parliament of Western Australia to reject the bill which could force Christian schools to hire people fundamentally opposed to the schools’ objectives.

The Greens introduced their Equal Opportunity (LGBTIQ Anti-Discrimination) Amendment Bill 2018 into the Legislative Council on Thursday.

“WA Greens have a long history of trying to erode religious freedom.” ACL WA state director Peter Abetz said.

“Alison Xamon needs to appreciate that Christian schools teach all subjects from a Christian worldview. Subjects must therefore be taught by teachers who operate from that same worldview.”

Peter Abetz commented, “Christian schools and organisations must have the ability to employ teachers and staff who fully embody their ethos.”

“What if a member of the Greens party was to reject the party policy on climate change? The Greens have every right to exclude those who don’t hold their party ethos.”

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