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What the Leyonhjelm euthanasia bill means for the vulnerable

If the Leyonhjelm bill passes federal parliament one thing is guaranteed: the ACT will implement euthanasia legislation. 

As reported in the ABC today, Chief Minister Andrew Barr has written to all but the staunch objectors to euthanasia in federal parliament urging them to support the bill. 

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Martyn Iles said, “The ACT Labor government has done a complete turnaround on this issue, just two weeks ago the Attorney General Gordon Ramsay said the government hadn’t reached any particular view on euthanasia legislation. 

“The ACT government’s position is now clear, if federal parliament passes this bill we will see territory sanctioned suicide laws enacted. 

“We know from international experience that wherever assisted suicide is legalised vulnerable people die.” 

“Currently, criminal investigations are proceeding into a Dutch doctor who potentially breached euthanasia laws. The doctor held down a struggling woman, with the help of her family members, as the fatal dose was administered. It’s cases like this which highlight the slippery slope that always follows assisted suicide legislation.” Mr Iles commented.  

ACL continues to call on the Senate to vote against the Leyonhjelm bill and protect the sanctity of life in Australia.  

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